Joint development by the Metal Dek Group® and Diversakore™

Long Spans. Low Profile. Fast Construction.

Versa-Floor™ integrates Metal Dek Group’s innovative floor system profiles – Deep-Dek® Composite and Versa-Dek® Composite 3.5LS – with VERSA:T: Beams and KOREFLEX columns. Results are low-profile floor assemblies with open- space feel and 2-hour UL unrestrained, unprotected fire assembly ratings. Optional coatings can brighten interior spaces and accommodate mild to severe environmental exposure.

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Engineered Solutions

VERSA:T: Beam and KOREFLEX columns work integrally with the Deep-Dek® Composite or Versa-Dek® Composite 3.5LS deck assemblies to form a low profile system that provides for attractive open space design. Versa-Floor™ combines the speed of steel construction with the mass of concrete to create an Engineered Solution the meets stringent performance and structural requirements. It can also be tailored for any level of environmental exposure. Versatility, appearance, efficiency, speed of construction and, most importantly, durability are hallmarks of each solution.

With so much design flexibility, cost effective and efficient solutions can be engineered to address most markets. However some common applications include: Parking, Healthcare, Mixed-Use, High-Rise, Residential, Office, Transfer/Podium Slabs, High-Load Flooring, Laboratories, and more...

Product Features

Deep-Dek® Composite {show product rendering & details from technical piece}

  • 4.5” & 6.0” Deep-Dek Profiles
  • In-service clear span capacities up to 36 ft.
  • Factory die-pressed closed ends
  • Patented Composite Action
  • Pneumatically pressed side-lap connections to create concrete interlock

Versa-Dek® Composite 3.5LS {show product rendering & details from technical piece}

  • 3.5” Dovetail profile
  • In-service clear span capacities up to 27 ft.
  • Dovetail formation creates exceptional concrete shear bond

Versa-Steel® High Performance Coatings

  • Custom engineered for any degree of environmental exposure
  • Factory applied for uniformity & consistency


Steel competes admirably on projects with aggressive construction schedules. Efficient installation techniques employed by a reduced labor pool accelerates the process. Controlling labor and equipment costs is vital to assuring desirable profit margin.


  • Combine with structural steel frame to accommodate accelerated construction schedules
  • Just-in-time material deliveries
  • Time honored installation methods & techniques
  • Less prone to weather delays
  • Simplified beam & adjustable post shoring method
  • Ease of inspection


  • Reduced labor pool compared to traditional CIP concrete methods
  • Placed deck provides immediate, safe working platform

Cost Efficiency

  • Controlled labor & equipment costs
  • Combines “permanent” in-place formwork & in-service positive bending reinforcement of slab
  • Minimal shoring


  • Low-profile composite deck systems reduce…
    • Floor-to-floor & overall height of structure
    • Stair, elevator & M/E/P extensions
    • Curtainwall surface area
  • Dek-Strut™ or Versa-Wedge™ hanging devices for M/E/P services

Visual Appeal

  • Smooth components produce clean sightlines & open spaces
  • Deep fluted or Smooth Lineal plank floor appearance options
  • Reflective coatings brighten spaces, promotes security
  • Unprotected fire rating eliminates unsightly, dirt collecting spray fireproofing


  • Engineered to meet all structural & code requirements
  • Thoroughly tested – fire, vibration, structure
  • 2-hour restrained & unprotected fire rating
  • Steel encased concrete components for exceptional strength
  • Complies with SDI, ASTM & AISI design and material standards
  • Design assistance from Diversakore™ & the Metal Dek Group®

Site Adaptability

  • Urban placement in tight surroundings
  • Reduced traffic disruption
  • Limited, if any, ground storage needs

Weight Reduction

Deep-Dek® Composite 6

CIP Slab

Span (Ft.)

27 (3-Stall Bay Length)

NWT Concrete Cover (in.)

Overall Depth (in.)




Weight (including deck) (PSF)



% Reduction


Versa-Dek® Composite 3.5LS

CIP Slab

Span (Ft.)

18 (2-Stall Bay Length)

NWT Concrete Cover (in.)

Overall Depth (in.)




Weight (including deck) (PSF)



% Reduction


  • Up to 16% reduction in dead loads compared to conventional CIP
  • Lighter columns, transfer beams, foundation
  • Lighter lateral force resisting system in seismic controlled areas


  • Versa-Steel® factory applied performance coatings
  • Application to the exposed & non-exposed deck
  • Engineered for mild, moderate or severe environmental exposure
    • Base: G-90 or G-115 hot-dipped zinc coated steel sheet & chemical pre-treatment plus:

Versa-Cote™ Clear emersion grade (non-porous) clear coat system

Versa-Shield™ 10 warranted spray applied aliphatic polyurethane paint system

Rhino Steel™ LT warranted thermo-set polymer laminate film system

Sustainable Construction

  • Optimize Energy Performance
    • Concrete = thermal mass = stabilized temperatures = reduced energy consumption
  • Construction Waste Management
    • Ability to divert unused product from Landfill
    • Small amount of job site waste and what little there is 100% recyclable
    • Unrelated: Steel used is fully recyclable at the end of the building’s life
  • Recycled Content
    • Steel has over 80% recycle content
  • Local/Regional Materials
    • Higher likelihood products manufactured regionally (within 500 miles of site)
  • Low-Emitting Materials: Paints and Coatings
    • Lower or eliminate release of on-site VOC’s with factory painted decking