Systems Cost Approach

With our systems-oriented approach we focus on specific market needs and building environment, building height and special design requirements such as high seismic or high wind. We then partner and integrate with other products and companies to develop solutions that enable optimal framing systems that specifically address the core market centric issues.

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Total Cost of Ownership Focus

DIVERSAKORE offers framing systems and solutions that address markets emerging needs. From residential to commercial we have options for all major commercial markets. In addition we have been known to tackle difficult non standard situations as well. These include vertical additions, pedestrian bridges, and elevated high loading mechanical pads.

Structured By DIVERSAKORE™

You can rely on DIVERSAKORE to support you with the optimal combination of products and services. Whatever the need, we will identify the materials and techniques and assemble just the right team to provide the greatest value while still meeting your design requirements. We engineer structures for architectural fit, efficient space planning, visual appeal, efficient operation, and economical maintenance.

Our Process is Based on Deep Expertise

In general we focus on the following criteria: Building use, Architectural style, Building Height, Soil Condition, Seismic design requirements

We then look at
: Bay sizes, Floor to floor requirements, Penetrations, Bracing, Interior framing, Exterior framing

We base our solutions on:
Slab type, Column type, Bracing type, Beam types, Wall types, Foundations type, Speed of assembly, Then we package the products and processes and deliver them through our Partner Network.