Long spans. Low Profiles. Fast Construction.

When used with a hollowcore slab the VERSA:T:™ powered DIVERSAKORE framing systems can achieve structural depths equivalent to post tension systems while being shallower than conventional systems. The shallower structural depths can yield lower floor-to-floor heights translating into savings on both materials and operational expenses.

VERSA:T: Beams increase the application potential of hollowcore slabs resulting in more flexibility for Architects and Engineers. When combined with our composite columns and beams hollowcore can be used to solve many of the problems facing developers, architects, and engineers today. Both products share similar qualities, small footprints, efficient use of materials, minimal labor, and fast construction methods. Additionally, they both represent advanced application of design and production techniques, ultimately yielding cost-effective structures that are fast to build and take up less space.

2 hour fire assembly rating without spray fireproofing.
When used with 8” or larger hollowcore slabs and 1-3/8” or larger concrete topping slab the VERSA:T:™ beam carries a 2-hour UL™ fire assembly rating, eliminating the need for fireproofing spray application.

Hollowcore Overview

Hollowcore planks’ long span capabilities enable designers to eliminate an entire row of columns, as well as a row of foundation caissons. This allows for large, open interiors without obstructions or expensive support structures. You also have the ability to immediately work on the floors below the floor being constructed, without the impediment of shoring or re-shoring.

Hollowcore slabs are advanced precast, pre-stressed concrete elements that are generally used for flooring and walls. Some of their advantages include: long spans (no shoring), design flexibility, and light weight assemblies. They are economical, enabling fast and safe construction for most types of buildings. In the last 20 years, hollowcore slabs have been used in individual and public housing facilities, schools, hospitals, factories, business centers, retail centers, warehouse facilities, etc.

The slabs have hollow cores running through the length of the slabs where concrete has limited structural value. This helps to reduce the weight and when combined with pre-tensioned reinforcing, leads to maximizing the span and strength while minimizing the depth.

Hollowcore Features and Benefits

Light Weight   The hollowcore slabs are lighter than solid precast and comparable to poured in place slabs.

Long Spans   Hollowcore can be used to span over 40’ without shoring of additional supports, creating open floor plans.

Design Flexibility   Varying spans, depths, and reinforcing patterns enable hollowcore to be applied in almost every building situation. Hollowcore slabs can be produced in various dimensions and can be notched and cut in different angles to create various shapes, thereby enabling designers to realize their architectural vision.

Use of Hollow Cores   The hollow cores can be used for heating, air conditioning, electrical installations, and more.

Fire Resistance   Hollowcore slabs can achieve a multitude of by varying the depth of slab and height of the reinforcing in the slab.

Sound Insulation  Hollowcore has exceptional sound transmission ratings due to the combination of concrete and hollow voids.

Product Finish   Due to the smooth finish of the slabs they are often left exposed and untreated to minimize the cost of ceilings or to create a “loft look.” In addition, they can be treated in various ways, similar to cast-in-place slabs, to create a completely smooth surface and painted directly as a fully finished ceiling.

Material Efficiency   The production process uses less cement and ultimately less concrete per cubic yard of final product resulting in a highly efficient product.

Quality Control & Production Speed   Hollowcore slabs are produced in automated facilities and strictly controlled conditions. Typical plants can produce approximately 5000 ft2 per day. Hollowcore is typically produced and delivered just-in-time and hoisted straight off the back of a truck. Installation is fast and easy and creates an instant working platform.