Supporting You and Your Building, Every Step of the Way

DIVERSAKORE packages experience, products, and services to help you meet your building design requirements — and your financial objectives. We work in teams and pride ourselves on solving the right problem the right way — without preference for our own products. Each team includes all the necessary talent to develop a viable solution. Each team has the autonomy to optimize their part of the project by your project’s guidelines and the responsibility to achieve the best deal structure so you get the best design at the optimum cost.

We are adept at re-engineering existing designs to help save time and money. We understand the time value of money and work to minimize conversion time by structuring the design and production process to work in parallel.

DIVERSAKORE makes it easy to specify the VERSA:T: Framing system as an approved alternate right from the start. We provide schematic designs and budgets early stage (sometimes from a napkin sketch) as well as complete design support throughout design development and construction documentation. Wtih our network of partnerships we are able to deliver accurate budgets from the people that do the work. In fact, we engage many of them in the conceptual process to work out constructabilty issues up front getting us to the right solution earlier.

What Services do we Offer?

Value Engineering brings you more viable options at the price point you need to make your project successful. Because of the many combinations of compatible materials and subsystems, we can often meet your design and structural requirements while offering added features and benefits at a lower cost. For example <case study here>. Value Engineering is ideal when you’re faced with changing deal or structural requirements, unforeseen code compliance issues, or simply design changes.

Superstructure Engineering is DIVERSAKORE’s specialty. This is the disciplines that fulfills an architect’s vision, keeps the integrity of the structure, and provides for the safety and comfort of the building’s occupants. If you have a <types> building to erect that’s at least <# stories minimum>, you can count on us to bring you the strongest, fastest, and lowest cost options available. Nobody else has the VERSA:T: structural steel framing system. This unique u-shaped beam with various subcomponents fuse together with concrete to form a monolithic structure that’s perfect for extreme building environments, difficult add-ons, and unique design specifications. DIVERSAKORE knows how to right-engineer your project, floor-by-floor, bay-by-bay, without ‘overbuilding’. It’s our ability to fine-tun the design to meet your specifications at an attractive price point that sets us apart

Product Engineering is what we do every day. We provide complete designs and submittal for every one of our projects. Signed, sealed and delivered, our package includes product schedules, typical details, any project specific details, calculations and whatever else we need to do to get the project completed on time and in budget.