Advanced Composite Beam Design

DIVERSAKORE’s product family is based on advancements in composite design by Housh Rahimzadeh. In the early days of steel construction, concrete was used as a fireproofing method for steel beams. Soon, engineers discovered that concrete could add strength to structural steel frameworks. Now, DIVERSAKORE, moves that hybrid concept to its next logical stage of advancement by engineering the materials to yield speed of erection, off-site fabrication, quality control, and seamless interfaces with multiple slab systems as benefits in addition to strength. By maximizing the composite design, DIVERSAKORE has introduced efficiencies for builders, contractors, architects, owners, construction workers, and of course, tenants.

The Heart of DIVERSAKORE's Product Family

VERSA:T: is the name of the structural steel framing solution at the heart of DIVERSAKORE’s product family. It includes patented components and a design process for matching the right components to solve specific engineering problems.

Specialized components for DIVERSAKORE’s VERSA:T: products and design services can be applied as needed, bay by bay, to achieve the optimal balance of strength, engineering characteristics, and cost because the system is compatible with many floor/slab solutions such as metal decking, hollow core, or AAC products. You get the most versatility and the best value for your project with DIVERSAKORE.

DIVERSAKORE is also the only place you can get the VERSA:T: structural steel framing system. Our teams will work with you to specify, design, acquire, and implement (are these the appropriate trade terms?) compatible components. By serving as the single point of contact, we take accountability for much of the structure, freeing the members of your project team to focus on what they do best.

DIVERSAKORE’s products form the backbone of the VERSA:T: product family. Our partners offer compatible metal decking, hollow core, and AAC products which offer you a full range of design options.

Fabrication of the VERSA:T: products happens in licensed factories around the globe. Fabrication of standard and custom components are done closest to the job site as possible. This flexibility streamlines construction times, saves transportation costs, and allows for additional quality controls to be put in place.

How It Works

The studs act as an anchor for concrete poured into the beam to share its load and stress-bearing properties with the beam itself. This fusion of concrete and beam creates a stronger structural element with greater span capability. The same concrete application that fills the VERSA:T: beam also covers the floor. As the concrete cures, the concrete, beam, and floor actually fuse together to create one monolithic frame.

Tested. Retested. Proven.

The VERSA:T: family of structural steel framing products has been through extensive testing. learn more