Building Efficiency

From research and development to turnkey framing systems, the DK Network is built upon a comprehensive set of programs and partnerships designed to optimize and improve how we build, and what we use to build with. It is an industry collective built to systematically create building efficiency.

Following DIVERSAKORE's systems-based approach; we work from the top down with developers and from the bottom up with trade members, soliciting knowledge and expertise from every stakeholder. This feedback informs product development, process improvement, and product integration strategies to deliver building solutions that address the challenges currently facing the construction industry.

Competitive Advantage

Our partnership network is designed to help partners maximize profitability. First, our network partners are enabled with competitive advantage by gaining exclusive use and access to DIVERSAKORE's unique capabilities and VERSA:T: framing systems. Second, we work together to set strategy, build local collaborative partnerships, and finetune systems with local market conditions in mind. From there DK goes to work to create opportunities at a national level to all of our network partners. DK actively markets to and educates Developers, Architects, Structural Engineers, and Contractors to identify cost-saving opportunities within their project portfolios.

Who can join?

DIVERSAKORE was founded on the principles of positive collaboration. We recognize the challenges our industry faces today and what we will face in the future can only be handled efficiently by working directly with every industry stakeholder. Bearing that in mind we encourage participation from:

  - Systems Contractors (Examples: Design Builders, Precasters, Fabricators, and more.)
  - Product Manufacturers (Examples: Hollowcore, Steel Deck, Load Bearing Systems, AAC, Connections, Coatings and more.)
  - Trade Partners (Examples: Erection, Concrete, and more.)
  - Developers (Examples: International, National, Owner/Builders,and more.)
  - Designers (Examples: Architects, Engineers, and more.)

Member Type


Manufacturers Exclusive group of fabricators and manufacturers licensed to produce, install & sell DK parts and assemblies

Distributors Exclusive group of re-sellers and fulfillment partners licensed to re-sell & install DK parts and assemblies

Product Partners
Compatible system product partners

Joint Ventures

DIVERSAKORE engages in Joint Ventures on a an opportunity specific basis to maximize mutual interests.


Developers, Designers, trade partners, students and others interested in supporting DIVERSAKORE's goal is to enhance building performance.

Independent Representatives

Qualified independent sales representatives compensated for effectively marking DIVERSAKORE systems.

* DkNA Membership Fees may apply.

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