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DIVERSAKORE and CSi deliver OU Headington Hall Student Living Center. Average Production rates of 7000 SF/Day.

DK and CSI deliver podium slab system to support 4 levels of wood framing for the new Fairfield Inn Tulsa.

DK delivers Riverwalk, a 7 level Mixed-use Apartment and Office building.

DK works with Westin Atlanta Airport to help convert existing space into a leasable meeting room by removing 10 existing columns beneath 10 elevated reinforced concrete floors.

DK delivers Beechview 450k SF mixed use development. 2 levels of parking, 1 level courtyard/retail and 1 transfer supporting 5 levels of load bearing metal studs and plank.


Construction Business Savvy
DIVERSAKORE lets you build it stronger, faster, more cost effective...
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Building & Construction, Southeast Spring 2009

A Lofty Endeavor

Using a unique structural system, Winter Construction built a hotel on top of an existing building that was still in operation.
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Ga Tech Alumni Magzine
Every useful invention begins with the thought: There has to be a better way. And so it was with Housh Rahimzadeh, a 1964 civil engineering graduate and former vice president and director of engineering services at John Portman & Associates.
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Diversakore Brings Innovation to Building Structures
Mar 29, 2009 ... Diversakore may be one of those success stories. The current slowdown in commercial construction is allowing designers, contractors and ...

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Innovative Mixed Use Project Showcases New Structural Steel Technology

The Atlanta area has long been the site of innovations – In 1884, an Atlanta inventor developed the formula for Coca Cola, a drink that would become so popular that, today, 7000 bottles are consumed per second. In 1980, Atlantan Ted Turner introduced the concept of 24-hour cable news coverage. CNN now ranks as America’s #1 cable news network.

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Father-son team reengineer construction technology at DIVERSAKORE
When Marc Rahimzadeh was graduating from Georgia Tech his eye was on dot-com companies while his father, Housh, was focused on steel and concrete. click here to view the story.