Every once in a while something new and obviously useful comes along. Usually, it’s made of the same ‘stuff’ as before—only with a twist. Like the new cereal box tops that lock without having to open the perforations in the slot first. Making life simpler for cereal eaters translates to a box that is less expensive to make, use, and support.

The same kind of thing has happened in the steel framing sector of the construction industry. DIVERSAKORE has invented, tested, and built a system for joining steel and concrete that yields more usable space with less weight, waste, labor, time, and cost. All the materials are the same: beams, decks, posts, and concrete. The same people put it together. The subsystems and final structure meet the same AISC and ACI building design codes as must every building.

DIVERSAKORE’s patented VERSA:T:® Composite Framing System provides the speed of steel and the strength of concrete using a permanent form-work solution. The VERSA:T:® beam assembly process bonds the best characteristics of steel and concrete into a composite design resulting in more space with less building so fewer materials and less time are devoted to construction.

DIVERSAKORE’s VERSA:T: system meets and exceeds many common design challenges (such as seismic, high winds, poor soil, and more). Its Erector Set®-like versatility means that unique framing solutions can be designed and delivered more cost- and time-effectively with fewer parts. Examples of products and systems compatible with the VERSA:T: system include: precast, composite and poured-in-place column, wall, floor systems and concealed connection systems, modular stairs, and more. Many of these can be built off-site increasing quality, speeding erection, and reducing costs.

The VERSA:T: composite framing system is ideal for high-rise, hotels, apartments, condominiums, offices, low-rise urban mixed-use developments, and master planned developments sharing a common superstructure. As a Value Engineering Alternative, the system makes additions to urban hospitals and large government infrastructure projects, affordable, and practical.

DIVERSAKORE offers expertise, products, and services, including valuable subsystem integration specs through its many partners. As problem solvers who know structures, products, and materials, we can help you find better outcomes at lower costs. Our engineers and consultants consider much more than material costs. We evaluate the impact of a VERSA:T: design on your time, labor, materials cost, building weight, risk (both in design and on field), green effect, waste, and of course, cost.

More space. Less building. Better performance at lower cost. What could be better?