The VERSA:T:® Composite Framing System

Structural steel construction is fast and flexible but requires the erection of many columns due to limited span strength. Cast-in-place concrete construction is stronger, but takes much longer to erect and exposes contractors to more risk because of increased labor. The patented VERSA:T: ® Composite Framing System provides the speed of building with steel and the strength of concrete using a permanent form-work solution. The VERSA:T: ® beam assembly process bonds the best characteristics of steel and concrete into a composite design that conforms to both AISC and ACI building design codes. The result is more space with less building, therefore fewer materials and less time/process devoted to construction. The patented VERSA:T: system can be used as an armature or supporting system with several related assemblies. This ErectorSet®-like characteristic means that unique framing solutions can be designed and delivered more cost- and time-effectively with fewer parts. Examples include: precast, composite and poured-in-place column, wall, floor systems and concealed connection systems, etc.

About the Inventor

Housh Rahimzadeh, P.E. is DIVERSAKORE's principal engineer and founder. Housh is a Georgia Tech graduate who has been a practicing engineer since 1964. While working for John Portman Associates, he created over 200 structural system designs that support buildings from 2 to over 100 stories, such as the Renaissance Center (Detroit), Peachtree Center (Atlanta), Embarcadero Center (San Francisco), Yintie Center (Beijing), Tomorrow Tower (Shanghai), Capital Square (Kuala Lumpur), and many others. Years of experience in designing complex projects convinced Housh that there was a better way to combine the benefits of concrete and steel construction. So, in 2003, he patented the VERSA:T: Composite Framing System. Five years and several projects later, he continues to work on ??the design and improve its applicability. Housh’s extensive construction industry experience and his reputation as a problem solver have been helpful in obtaining projects.