Supporting You and Your Building, Every Step of the Way

Know-how, Products, and Services

As experts in structural framing systems, DIVERSAKORE® and its partners offer know-how, products, and services to help you meet your building design requirements, and your financial objectives. Because we understand structures, materials, and products, we can help you find better design outcomes while improving your numbers on construction time, labor, materials, building weight, risk, waste, and of course, cost. We’re trained as engineers, but we also think like businesspeople.

DIVERSAKORE is the only place you can get the patented VERSA:T:® composite framing system, a permanent form-work solution that enhances your building’s performance characteristics by blending the speed of steel and the strength of concrete. The VERSA:T:® beam assembly process yields a composite design which gives you more space with less building.

Lower build costs and shortened durations have helped to save over 10% on cost and schedule.

Helping Overcome Design Challenges

DIVERSAKORE’s VERSA:T: system meets and exceeds many common design challenges (such as seismic, high winds, poor soil, tight footprint, vertical additions). Its Erector Set®-like versatility means that many unique framing solutions can be designed and delivered more cost- and time-effectively with fewer parts. Examples of products and systems compatible with the VERSA:T: system include: precast, composite and poured-in-place column, wall, floor systems and concealed connection systems, and more. Many of these can be built off-site which increases quality while speeding erection and reducing costs.

"We would normally have a crew of 15 doing what it took 5 to build Bridgeview. " - Jim Newsome, Precision Concrete

The VERSA:T: composite framing systems are ideal for high-rise, hotels, apartments, condominiums, offices, low-rise urban mixed-use developments and master planned developments sharing a common superstructure. As a Value Engineering Alternative, the system makes additions to urban hospitals and large government infrastructure projects possible, affordable, and practical.

DIVERSAKORE’s structural steel framing team can help you plan your next project — or improve its design. Your design team will include a lead engineer, options analyst, and a business person. Each optimizes their part of the project: framing, components, and deal structure, so you get the best design at the optimum cost.

What’s next? Contact us so that we can learn more about your project — and you about our services.